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INSPIRE™ by CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.


CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

INSPIRE™ from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® is designed to make provisional fabrication easy, efficient, and predictable. 

INSPIRE’s high flexural and compressive strength render it easy to trim and resistant to fracture. Because INSPIRE is less porous, it is less prone to cracks when trimming. This feature, ensure that it will not succumb to sudden and extreme forces of occlusion. It is stackable and stays in place, and prevents over-filling the matrix. 

INSPIRE shines with minimal effort and allows you to achieve a composite-like finish in seconds. Four shades are available (B1, A1, A2, A3.5) that provide ideal translucency and fluorescence to match natural tooth structure.

INSPIRE provides an efficient 40 second working time for single or multiple unit cases. It’s removal time of 1:30-2:30 and total cure time of 4:30 ensures procedural efficiency.

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