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Sheer Film by CAO Group, Inc.

Sheer Film

CAO Group, Inc.

CAO Group’s innovative Sheer Film material, which is the optimal delivery system for dental gel materials when contact time, patient compliance and comfort, and non-leakage are essential. The unique, flexible backing material of each Sheer Film product enables convenient stretching, bending, molding, and shaping to the individual contours of the teeth and gums for a tight seal. All Sheer Film products contain very specifically formulated gels that deliver the right material at a defined release rate for each application. What’s more, Sheer Films are uniquely designed to enable full-arch treatment or centralized placement. There is no need to prepare hard and uncomfortable trays, and no threat of common gel leakage down the throat. Sheer Films are simply applied and the patient can be released to the waiting room (or home), providing a pleasant experience for the patient and allowing increased patient turnaround time for the treatment room to be prepared for the next patient. Unlike traditional, rigid trays or the currently available “strips,” patients are able to wear Sheer Films for hours without detection or discomfort. Sheer Films also grant the user freedom of natural speech and facial expression, making the process convenient at any time, such as in the workplace or at home.

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