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Precise™ LTM Soft Tissue Handpiece by CAO Group, Inc.

Precise™ LTM Soft Tissue Handpiece

CAO Group, Inc.

CAO Group’s Precise™ LTM is an easy-to-use ‘soft tissue handpiece’ that enables easy fine tissue management of gingiva and other oral soft tissues, just as high-speed ‘hard tissue’ handpieces enable easy preparation of tooth structure. Precise LTM complements the advances in restorative materials/techniques so your oral soft tissue is as beautiful as the restorations you place. Your patients will appreciate the increased comfort, faster healing, and immediately beautiful tissue. Precise LTM enables every practitioner to: Shape fine gingival contours to mimic natural curvatures, Coagulate as you cut for a clean, blood-free environment, Cauterize nerve endings to stop histamine flow, reducing post-op inflammation, Cut only microns deep to minimize tissue trauma, enable faster tissue healing, Deliver more predictable, highly esthetic outcomes.

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