Brasseler USA® EndoSequence® Root Repair Material™ (RRM)

Brasseler USA®

Tired of hassling with conventional root repair materials? Brasseler USA® EndoSequence® Root Repair Material™ premixed with superior handling and healing properties is ideal for all of your root repair needs.

This material is available in an injectable or putty consistency and is a highly radiopaque and hydrophilic material with a very small particle size and unique composition that allows it to bond to dentin. It utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentin to initiate and complete its setting reaction, and it is antibacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline pH.

Available in an intro kit of 1 gram + 7 tips, a bulk syringe kit of two 1.5 gram syringes + 15 tips or in a putty kit of 3 grams.

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