Brasseler USA® ET Flex™ Interproximal Finishing and Contouring Strips

Brasseler USA®

The patented, safe, and flexible design of Brasseler USA® ET Flex™ Interproximal Finishing and Contouring Stripsallows you to adapt the strip to meet all of your interproximal finishing and contouring needs. ET Flex’s patented design allows the clinician to easily manipulate the strip to make it taut or curved, making it ideal for both IPR/tooth slenderizing and for finishing/contouring interproximal surfaces of the tooth. 

Grip ET Flex at or above the crossbar and the strip is taut for contact areas. Grip the ET Flex below the crossbar and the strip curves, allowing you to perfectly adapt to any contour.

These strips reduce or eliminate the risk of cut lip to patient and cut finger to clinicians. They offer better control with one-handed or two finger operation, leaving the additional hand free for holding back patient lip/cheek. Access and vision areas are enhanced. The clinician can remain in a comfortable right-angle position and the push/pull motion is facilitated to allow for easy finishing and polishing of mesial and distal surfaces.

Available in single and double sided, serrated strip, wide or narrow, coarse and fine, with and without Gateway and in packs and kits.


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