Principles of Hard Tissue Regeneration and Implant Therapy—A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Principles of Hard Tissue Regeneration and Implant Therapy: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide -- Lee H. Silverstein, DDS, MS; David Kurtzman, DDS; and Peter C. Shatz, DDS
FEATURES: “A complete educational system that readers will repeatedly turn to for years to come as an outstanding reference on hard tissue regeneration and implantology.” Michael A. Pikos, DDS. Noted author, clinician, and educator Dr. Lee Silverstein, publishes a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to hard tissue surgical techniques, including bone regeneration, osteotome procedures, and implant placement, that will enhance and diversify your armamentarium of practical applications for hard tissue procedures. Published by AEGIS Communications.

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