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3.4mm Restorative Components by BIOMET 3i™

3.4mm Restorative Components


BIOMET 3i now offers 3.4mm Restorative Components that provide clinicians with more options to restore integrated platform switching BIOMET 3i PREVAIL® 4/3 Implants. BIOMET 3i 3.4mm Restorative Components consist of PEEK PreFormance® Posts, GingiHue® Abutments, One-Piece Emergence Profile (EP®) Healing Abutments, Pick-Up and Twist Lock™ Impression Copings, and a handheld Bone Profiler, all of which consist of a 3.4mm restorative platform that emerges to a 5.0mm Emergence Profile. 3.4mm PreFormance Posts and GingiHue Abutments.

These new abutments emerge to a 5.0mm Emergence Profile providing clinicians with prefabricated provisional and definitive abutments in additional sizes for more options to restore PREVAIL® 4/3 Implants and enhance the ease of use in clinical scenarios requiring a larger restoration such as in premolar sites. 3.4mm Twist Lock Impression Coping.

This impression coping is beneficial in areas of the mouth with limited interarch space and now provides clinicians with an option to choose a closed tray impression technique, which requires less room in the oral cavity than the Pick-Up Impression Coping. 3.4mm Bone Profiler This handheld bone profiler emerges to a 5.0mm Emergence Profile for bone profiling prior to seating of restorative components allowing better seating of the healing abutment at the healing stage.

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