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Low Profile Abutment by BIOMET 3i™

Low Profile Abutment


Biomet 3i’s Low Profile Abutment is a solution designed to provide clinicians with more space for screw-retained restorations in clinical areas of limited inter-arch distance. Screw-retained abutments provide clearer access to, and retrievability of, single and multiple-unit implant restorations.

The Low Profile Abutment’s new contoured emergence profile provides easier placement in subcrestal and flapless surgery. The emergence starts off straight, then gently curves out to the restorative platform. This emergence mitigates the need for bone profiling prior to seating the abutments.

Because the Low Profile Abutment has one restorative platform, there is no need to inventory multiple sizes of restorative components. Whether you are restoring a 3.4mm or a 5.0mm platform implant, the restorative components have the same seating diameter of 4.8mm.

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