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Waterlase Express by BIOLASE

Waterlase Express


Waterlase Express offers the benefits of the most-used all-tissue laser technology—but makes it even simpler and more accessible for every type of dentist. You do not need to be a laser scientist to start changing dentistry in your practice with Waterlase Express. Tap a procedure, watch the step-by-step animation, and grab the opportunity to offer unique patient care, rejuvenate the practice, while generating a healthy ROI. 

Vivid HD Tablet Interface

  • Latest in tablet technology
  • Familiar tablet and touch screen interface
  • Regular updates and new content

Organized Workflows

  • Procedures organized into clinical categories
  • Intuitive radial interface design

Simple Laser Controls

  • Adjust cutting power on the fly
  • Simply slide the button left or right
  • Basic user interface to accelerate learning

One-Touch Learning Center

  • Access to best practices and expert advice
  • Videos on maintenance and care
  • Access to BIOLASE Connect™ online account

Onboard User Manual

  • One touch access to laser instructions
  • Great for staff training and retention
  • Stay up to date with the latest content

Customer Care Button

  • One tap to contact customer support
  • Obtain clinical, technical or business assistance
  • Remote troubleshooting


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