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CAD/CAM Production Center by BEGO USA

CAD/CAM Production Center


BEGO USA has opened a new production facility in Providence, Rhode Island, where it will continue to transform open scanner STL files into precision-made copings, anatomical crowns or multi-unit bridges. This process involves the use of selective laser melting and powdered Wirobond C+, a non-precious cobalt chrome.  A variety of CAD/Cast noble and high noble restorations, as well as Rapid Prototyping wax-ups for copings, crowns & bridges and partials will also be available. Wirobond C+ has a CTE of 14.0 to 14.2, a tensile strength of 680, and a composition of 24.7% chromium, which produces a passivity layer ensuring biocompatibility.  Laboratories looking for wax based copings, anatomical crowns & bridges, or partial frameworks will be interested in Rapid Prototyping utilizing BeCe wax-ups.  BEGO’s exclusive “Press-n-Go” concept takes the split STL file and produces a finished Wirobond C+ metal substructure with the articulating wax crown overlay for streamlining press to metal frameworks.

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