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BEGO’s Production Center by BEGO USA

BEGO’s Production Center


Laboratories looking for quality, outsourced metal copings and bridges are choosing BEGO’s Production Center. Whether it is a STL file or a model to be scanned, BEGO’s professional staff makes sure that all products requirements can be met before production is started, and this close communication ensures success.

The combination of advanced production software technology, the highest quality alloys, and unique production methods set BEGO’s SLM non-precious and CAD/Cast restorations at a higher level of quality. BEGO’s SLM non-precious copings and bridges are made from sintered Wirobond C+ alloy. This technology enhances the tensile strength, elongation, and the modulus of elasticity versus the same alloy when casted.

Wirobond C+ has a CTE of 14.0 to 14.2 making it compatible with most leading ceramics. 24.7% chromium content produces a passivity layer making WiroBond C+ extremely corrosion resistant and biocompatible. BEGO’s CAD/Cast service has 8 alloys for high noble and noble copings and bridges that are ready for porcelain application as well as full gold coverage crowns. Enjoy new working capital that used to sit in a safe and never worry about refining again.

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