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Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures DVD by Barotz Dental

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures DVD

Barotz Dental

Why do dentures bring out such strong emotions among dentists? Why do dentists have such an aversion to dentures that they stop doing them entirely? How can dentists transform building dentures into a satisfying and profitable part of their practice? In his informative DVD Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures Dr. Charles Barotz will answer all of these questions and more.

Dr. Barotz has observed that denture wearers have wrongly been regarded as second-class patients, and that dentures have been viewed as cheap replacements for missing teeth. He believes that denture patients have the same desire to have a beautiful smile as anyone else, and suffer from the discomfort and frustration of poor function.

Dr. Barotz views dentures as a full mouth reconstruction as well as a cosmetic makeover, a clinical and artistic challenge. This DVD will teach how to think about, market and fabricate dentures that will completely satisfy you, your patients and your bank account. It is his sincere belief that you will feel completely different about dentures – that you will learn to provide an excellent service to your patients, and have the clinical skill to insure superb results.

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