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Bam! Resin™ by Bam! Dental Products

Bam! Resin™

Bam! Dental Products

From Bam! Dental Products, Bam! Resin™ formula replaces water as the gauging liquid for mixing with any dental gypsum material, resulting in harder and stronger models and dies. When Bam! Resin is mixed with any gypsum material it increases the performance, improving the texture, the flow, and the stackability in the wet stage.

Upon hardening users will notice a superior substance, and the models will be harder and stronger. Bam! Resin will also increase the level of detail, allowing the models to maintain sharp margins from start to finish while increasing resistance to abrasion. In addition, each model will be incredibly smooth, dense, and polished.

Bam!Resin is versatile and easy to work with, can be mixed with gypsum materials and poured, or can be brushed onto models or dies. Lab technicians can even dip the models or dies into the solution, or you can try any combination of the three methods to achieve the desired hardness and toughness.

Furthermore, it can be used as a die conditioner or hardener, and can also be brushed onto the opposing models. Bam! Resin allows technicians to keep their preferred brand of gypsum material, along with their preferred expansion, setting time, and color without altering the dental material's average properties. Bam! Resin does not gum up while cutting or grinding, does not require special burs for trimming, and is non-toxic and non-flammable.

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