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B&D Precision Milling Center by B&D Dental Technologies

B&D Precision Milling Center

B&D Dental Technologies

B&D’s Precision Milling Center now features ORIGIN LIVE Zirconia. LIVE Zirconia has the high translucency, measuring 46.0%@1mm thickness 600nm wavelength, and excellent strength at 1350Mpa. The ORIGIN LIVE zirconia, in combination with ORIGIN Incisal liquid, allows lab technicians to customize a natural looking full contour restoration to match any natural dentition.

With its natural looking gradation of body chroma to incisal, the ORIGIN LIVE Zirconia only needs to be glazed once it has been sintered in order to achieve quick esthetic results. ORIGIN LIVE Zirconia undergoes an advanced manufacturing process to ensure uniform density, no warping during the sintering process, and quality control for large zirconia ceramic blanks.

Precision Milling Center has a solid and proven expertise regarding the relationship between ORIGIN LIVE zirconia, the milling procedures, and the sintering processes that leads to the consistency of the prosthesis from single units to large bridge framework.

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