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Profinish by Axis® Dental


Axis® Dental

The Profinish Trimming and Finishing carbide from Axis Dental is a new generation of advanced composite Trimming and Finishing (T&F) carbides that let the clinician go from trimming to polishing in one step. Profinish T & F Carbides provide the clinician with state-of –the- art cutting features that reduce chair time. These unique carbides create a cutting path of accuracy that responds to a feather touch and carves an exceptionally smooth surface. As a result, polishing is often an optional step.

The optimized blade profile incorporates rake and relief angles that provide aggressive cutting when desired, while clearing excess composite away quickly. The unique blade design cuts composites without gouging or striations often left by diamond instruments. The efficient Profinish T&F carbide cuts cool, reducing damage to tooth structure. The Profinish T&F Carbide is part of the Professional Series of premium products from Axis Dental and includes familiar shapes.

The safe-end taper is ideal for soft-tissue protection and finishing facial and interproximal surfaces. The long flame can be used for contouring and trimming excess material on anterior labial surfaces or the cervical portion of the teeth. The football shapes are perfect for contouring or placing anatomy on posterior occlusal surfaces and for smoothing and shaping lingual surfaces. The Profinish T&F Carbide is optimal for both anterior and posterior restorations and for adjusting provisionals.

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