Milled Interim Crowns and Bridges

Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories LLP

Every practice has a wide variety of patients (pediatric, geriatric, implant, periodontal, limited financial ability, and many more) who could benefit from a long-term interim crown or bridge. With Milled Interim Crowns and Bridges from Aurum Ceramic/Classic, practices can offer patients a strong, beautiful, and affordable alternative.

Indicated for single crowns and bridges, restorations can be crafted directly from digital impression files, or from normal impressions and models. Milled from wear-resistant PMMA plastic material utilizing CAD/CAM technology, Milled Interim Crowns and Bridges offer natural line angles, embrasures, surface texture, occlusion, and life-life incisal areas.

Emergence profiles are carefully developed, aiding in tissue healing and improved oral health. A full palette of shades are available for excellent color match. Incredibly precise for a virtually perfect fit, each restoration is warrantied for a full two years against breakage.

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