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Strategy Milling© by Atlantic Precious Metal Refinery

Strategy Milling©

Atlantic Precious Metal Refinery

Atlantic Precious Metal Refining’s Strategy Milling© is a revolutionary state-of-the-art milling center providing dental professionals convenient, affordable, and never before available milled full contour gold crowns and bridges. Powered by Atlantic, this revolutionary milling center saves the dental professional time and money, provides superior restorations with the unsurpassed accuracy of digital, and eliminates unwanted and expensive onsite alloy inventory.

By utilizing Strategy Milling’s services, dental professionals will save a substantial amount of time while reaping several economic advantages. There is no longer a need to stock unwanted and expensive alloy onsite as customers are billed for only the alloy used as each gold crown is milled. Moreover, bench time formerly dedicated to the many time consuming tasks of preparing gold restorations (i.e. waxing, spruing, investing, burnout, casting, divesting, etc.) can be spent on other tasks.

All milled restoration cases received by Strategy Milling are returned to the customer quickly and efficiently within a 24-hour timeframe. Specifically, any order received by 12:00 p.m. Eastern time during regular business hours Monday through Friday will ship the following business day. Moreover, the delivered restorations require minimal finishing and polishing resulting in additional time savings.

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