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PRO Series by Asiga

PRO Series


The new PRO series utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in its range and offers precision, reliability, and speed for demanding production applications. Asiga 3D printers have been proven best-in-class for digital dentistry and offer the highest accuracy of any commercial 3D printer. This is achieved through Asiga’s Process Monitoring Technologies, which ensure every layer is formed accurately.

Smart Process Monitoring Technologies:

  • SPS Technology (Smart Position System): Detects the actual position of the build platform during every layer approach. The next layer is only cured once the positioning encoders read that the platform has reached its target position.
  • Internal Radiometer: Reads the actual LED power and automatically adjusts exposure times accordingly
  • Small pixels and accurate pixel placement
  • Optimised material curing for Asiga materials, as well as all suitable third-party materials: Asiga 3D printers are open and able to use any material for flexibility and economy.

These technologies combined produce a precise and reliable output for quality assurance and patient safety.

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