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AEU-27A Rotary Endodontic Motor by Aseptico®

AEU-27A Rotary Endodontic Motor


The AEU-27A Advanced Rotary Endodontic Motor is the newest generation of endodontic systems from Aseptico. The AEU-27A is a lighter handheld motor with new features, including upgradeable software and a weighted omni-directional footpedal. It also includes all of the trusted features of the Endo DTC®, like simple operation, five programmable memory locations, auto-stop-reverse to automatically prevent file breakage, and an integrated calibration system to ensure accuracy.


  • Lighter construction
  • Upgradeable software
  • Auto-stop-reverse
  • Pre-loaded with over 40 of the most popular file settings
  • Five programmable preset buttons
  • Full range of handpiece ratios supported
  • Outstanding torque
  • Automatic calibration to ensure accurate performance


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