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Double Gracey™ by American Eagle Instruments, Inc.

Double Gracey™

American Eagle Instruments, Inc.

American Eagle Instruments, Inc.’s Double Gracey™ line of instruments combines the best features of Gracey and Universal curettes. All Double Graceys have a rounded toe and two cutting edges on each end. The Double Gracey line includes four instruments. Two have been designed for Posterior regions (Regular & Mini), combining the best features of Gracey 11-12 and Gracey 13-14. The other two instruments are for Anterior regions (Regular & Mini), combining the best features of Gracey 1-2 and Gracey 7-8. Practical advantages to using the Double Gracey include convenient adaptation to mesial and distal surfaces without switching or flipping the instrument. The Anterior instruments also adapt to buccal and lingual surfaces. The Mini versions are intended for even easier access into deeper pockets, for tighter interproximal areas, and furcations. Double Graceys are available individually, as a set of four instruments, a set of two Regular, and a set of two Minis. Additionally, this new line of instruments is surface engineered with our XP Technology™ making them sharpen free. The Double Graceys’ raised-face design is nearly impossible to correctly re-sharpen.

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