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Ceramill Therm 3 by Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

Ceramill Therm 3

Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

The Ceramill Therm 3 is a high temperature furnace with additional features. The milled Ceramill zirconiumoxide frameworks are densely sintered with the Ceramill Therm 3 and thus obtain their final density and the resulting excellent material properties. 

The Ceramill Therm 3 features high process reliability due to constant temperature control, homogeneous temperature distribution in the firing chamber. It's maximum process reliability allows for optimally coordinated, fully-automated sintering programmes for different restoration sizes. It also features 9 sintering programme locations; 6 of them individually programmable by the user, and 3 stackable sintering bowls for maximum utilisation of the furnace.

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