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Ceramill Motion by Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

Ceramill Motion

Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

Amann Girrbach’s zirconium oxide framework milling machine Ceramill Motion gets things moving. Clean, efficient, and precise, this CAM unit mills most framework situations in the laboratory. The Ceramill Match transfers the construction data into milling data quickly, and the units to be milled are automatically arranged efficiently within the blank (nesting). Optimally geared to all materials of the Ceramill system, the blanks can be easily fixed by a quick “click” insertion and all users of Ceramill Multi-x can easily change over to digital framework production without having to use different materials. Ceramill Motion is qualified for dry milling of zirconium oxide, acrylic, and wax—up to 14 unit bridges. It features high-precision components such as the automatic tool mount and change as well as the highly precise and durable Jäger spindle. The open interface permits the milling of scan data (Dental Wings®, 3Shape®) of open scanner systems and its compact external dimensions and an appealing design make the Ceramill Motion an attractive-looking work horse to have in the laboratory.

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