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Ceramill Mind by Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

Ceramill Mind

Amann Girrbach America, Inc.

Ceramill Mind is a CAD software perfectly attuned to the Ceramill Map100 and 300 scanners for creating CAD frameworks based on the acquired data; it equally serves for further processing such data for subsequent milling. Ceramill Mind was developed in close collaboration with dental technicians to ensure optimized workflows and easy operation. This software distinguishes itself due to its process reliability, precision and automated features (e.g. connector design) as well as its integration into AmannGirrbach’s overall system architecture. From crowns and bridges to inlays, onlays and telescopic designs, Ceramill Mind covers a comprehensive range of indications. An integrated tooth library in the software, which can be custom loaded and extended, contains patient-analogous, natural tooth shapes that can be automatically adapted to the scanned diagnostic model. With a simple mouse click the clincian can transfer the data to an in-house milling machine or a manufacturing center like AmannGirrbach’s Ceramill M-Center. Available for Ceramill Mind are several upgrade modules with which AmannGirrbach continuously expands features and the range of indications.

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