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AR5, AN4, AK5+, and AK4 by Alien Milling Technologies

AR5, AN4, AK5+, and AK4

Alien Milling Technologies

Alien Milling Technologies has added four vhf mills to its product lineup, distributing them under the names AR5, AN4, AK5+, and AK4. 

“vhf milling machines, their CAM software, and their milling burs play a crucial role in our operation. We now have more than 30 vhf mills, and counting, and the machines have been truly a key to our success,” says Saro Hatzakortzian, CEO of Alien Milling Technologies. “We are extremely confident in Alien Milling Technologies as a new reseller since they have many years of experience with our machines in their milling center,” adds Dr. Nicolas Rohde, CEO, vhf.

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