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Mojave V7 by Air Techniques, Inc.

Mojave V7

Air Techniques, Inc.

Mojave V7 is Air Techniques’ next generation of dry vacuum systems. Air Techniques has incorporated years of engineering excellence to manufacture Mojave. This 100% oil-free and water-free vacuum system provides energy savings from variable output controlled motor based on demand. At the heart of Mojave is a single stage regenerative pump that is controlled by a variable frequency drive. Besides maintaining high flow rates, this technology allows the pump to speed up or slow down to meet the exact vacuum demand of any dental office. Mojave provides benefits and features unsurpassed by any comparable system available today. In a recent study conducted by the Dental Advisor, Mojave performed 60% better compared to competitive products.

Each system is backed by a five year limited, extended warranty. AirStar NEO is offered in seven different models and can accommodate up to 10 users. Mojave V 7 is available in two models and can accommodate up to 14 users. These systems can be purchased through Air Techniques’ dealer network. 

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