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Milling Wax by Aesthetic Press

Milling Wax

Aesthetic Press

Aesthetic Press’ milling wax blanks have no resin components, making adding or carving is as easy as fabricating a regular full contour wax.After the milling process, because of its unique flexibility, these crowns adapt perfectly well to the framework.

Since the base material can be used as injector wax, as carving wax, as OccluMaster and now as this incredible AP Wax Blank, the workflow stays in the same property and color of the material. This wax is very easy and pleasant to work with.


Advantages to using Aesthetic Press’ wax blanks include:

  • No resin components
  • Easy to cast and press
  • Easy to carve and modify


These blanks are available in the following sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30 mm

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