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CASI 3C & 3L by Aesthecon, Inc.

CASI 3C & 3L

Aesthecon, Inc.


  • Its multi-functional design was formulated to accomplish the following:
  • Promotes the development of the Facial and Lingual Plane and contours on Anterior Teeth
  • Facilitates the contour for line angles
  • Aids in creating matrix free Lingual and Facial shelves
  • Facilitates restoring Class III, Class IV, and Class V composite restorations
  • Efficient Diastema Closures
  • Facilitates Lingual Splinting contouring for Ortho Lingual arch wire
  • Facilitates Lingual Splinting for periodontal compromised teeth
  • Serves for Retraction Cord Placement

CASI comes in a set of two instruments. The CASI-3C has a wider design for maxillary centrals and canines, while the CASI-3L is designed for laterals and mandibular anterior teeth. What makes these instruments unique is the anatomical curvature, the taper, and the sharpness of both working ends. With these features there is not a tooth area that is not accessible with these instruments. CASI is a multi-functional instrument- “A must have for everyday usage.”


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