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X-Mind Unity X-ray Generator by ACTEON North America

X-Mind Unity X-ray Generator

ACTEON North America

ACTEON North America releases the X-Mind Unity X-ray generator and Sopix Inside integrated digital sensor. Combining elegant style and cutting-edge patented ACE technology, the X-Mind Unity elevates X-ray generators to the next level by achieving perfect accuracy and patient protection.

“The X-Mind Unity generator provides an exclusive advantage to our practitioners” said Tim Long, VP and COO of ACTEON. “The Unity communicates with the ACE Technology present in the integrated Sopix Inside digital sensor and analyzes, in real time, the precise amount of X-ray emission needed for a perfect image… the first time, every time” continued Long.

“Once the image is created the digital sensor communicates with the generator to stop emitting radiation. The result of this is a high quality exposure as well as patient and staff radiation dose reduction” said Long.

The new X-Mind Unity features the smallest available focal spot and a constant voltage of 60 kV or 70kV producing reliable, reproducible results and highly defined images. For the first time, a digital sensor and the x-ray generator communicate and work in tandem achieving the highest level of precision while minimizing X-ray emissions. The X-Mind Unity also provides high resolution images whether film, phosphorus plate or other manufacturer’s digital sensors are used.

When used along with SOPRO® IMAGING software, this new intraoral system goes beyond the current standards for dental radiology. For each image, It is possible to collect and aggregate the radiation exposure dose reported on the surface of irradiated tissues (DAP – Dose Area Product) giving better traceability of the patient’s X-ray exposure.

ACTEON preserves the health of patients today by offering practitioners tomorrow’s technologies.

ACTEON North America is part of The ACTEON Group, a world leader in small equipment and consumables for dentists. The ACTEON Group’s companies include SATELEC Equipment, SOPRO Imaging, and Pierre Rolland Pharmaceutical which employ more than 650 workers worldwide.
ACTEON continually develops innovative products for its growing international dental market.

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