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Mini LED Supercharged by ACTEON North America

Mini LED Supercharged

ACTEON North America

ACTEON North America’s Mini LED Supercharged is the highest powered, all-purpose curing light on the market. Providing 2000 mW/cm2 with a 7.5 mm light guide and up to 3000 mW/cm2 with a 5.5-mm light guide, the Mini LED Supercharged can cure composites in as little as 3 seconds.

The Mini LED Supercharged also emits a wide spectrum of light (420-480 nm) so it can cure most composites on the market today. With three different modes of curing (fast, pulsed and ramp mode) and six different light guides available, the Mini LED Supercharged provides many different options no matter what the situation demands.

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