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LABcare™ by 3Shape Inc.


3Shape Inc.

3Shape’s LABcare™ program offers a customer-centric business model that backs labs with an efficient support network, new technologies through annual upgrades, and access to training and other learning channels such as webinars, videos, etc.

LABcare™ is an integral part of a lab’s 3Shape Dental System™ and annual subscription. 3Shape’s LABcare™ helps labs stay competitive in an industry influenced by continuous technology changes and increasing regulatory demands.

Access to annual system releases, plus continuous updates and changes, are included in 3Shape’s LABcare™ package. Releases and updates include new functionality, tools, more indications, added libraries, and beneficial interfaces to 3rd party systems.

The system upgrade concepts built into LABcare™ are to ensure that once a lab choses a 3Shape system, it can rest assured that the system will continually grow stronger and more versatile rather than older. Ongoing training will help lab technicians exploit the full potential of their system’s many functionalities.

The 3Shape Academy provides access to training initiatives including free online webinars, extensive learning materials, and selected hands-on training courses. The possibilities and features available in 3Shape’s Dental System™ increase every year, and the 3Shape Academy strives to ensure that 3Shape’s users have the opportunity to keep up-to-date.

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