E scanners

3Shape Inc.

The affordably-priced E scanners enable your lab to save time and cost-effectively deliver the highest quality and widest range of prosthetics. Featuring two 5-MP cameras, Blue LED, and multiline high-speed scanning for optimal detail capture and ISO-documented accuracy, 3Shape E scanners enable your laboratory to complete more cases in less time.

The E scanners improve productivity with time and cost saving features like 3Shape’s reliable impression scanning and auto-start. This impression scanning lets you scan traditional impressions directly without having to pour a model. Auto-start starts your scanning as soon as the model is placed inside the E scanner. The E scanners also support the 3Shape Articulator Holder that enables scanning of articulator-fixed models and is compatible with the most popular articulators. Like all 3Shape products, the E scanners are part of the 3Shape open eco-system that lets you choose the manufacturing methods and materials you want to work with.

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