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CAMbridge™ 2010 by 3Shape Inc.

CAMbridge™ 2010

3Shape Inc.

3Shape A/S, the user-acclaimed global leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for dental labs, announces the launch of CAMbridge™ 2010, an innovative solution for automating the gap between dental CAD designs and manufacturing. This powerful tool can automatically place 51 units in a 98-mm blank within only 30 seconds.  CAMbridge™ is designed for clinics and small- to mid-sized manufacturers without access to ShellManager™, optimizing your investment in 3D printers. CAMbridge™ removes much of the time-consuming work with managing print jobs. CAMbridge™ provides a complete interface to Rapid Prototype machines, optimized for automatic 24/7 production, and allows non-technical operators to streamline their workflows. Multiple printers can be assigned their own settings, styles and item management through a rich set of customization options.  By simply clicking or drag & dropping items into Cambridge ™, the application automatically updates the build platform in the background. By utilizing multi-core processors, processing times are drastically reduced.

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