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D900L Scanner by 3Shape Inc.

D900L Scanner

3Shape Inc.

Building on 3Shape’s proven scanning technologies, the new D900L brings together RealColor™, high speed, implant bar accuracy, and a maximized interior space in a small footprint scanner.

Features and Benefits include:

•   Expanded space for larger models- The new D900L scanner allows technicians in labs to scan larger objects including mounted gypsum models, large impression trays, and models with attached articulators.

•   Designed for speed, accuracy and color scanning- Scan speed is accelerated by optimized and intelligent 2D image processing algorithms. The unique optical system with 4 x 5.0 MP cameras ensures high scan speeds, powerful color capture, enhanced details, and implant bar accuracy.

•   Save time by skipping the bite scan– With 3Shape’s new Auto Occlusion™ technology, technicians only need to scan upper and lower, and the system automatically calculates occlusion.

•   Transfer exact articulator positions- Optimized technology now makes it even easier to transfer the exact jaw positions from the physical articulator into the software.

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