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CAD Points by 3Shape Inc.

CAD Points

3Shape Inc.

3Shape’s CAD Points is a flexible ‘getting- started’ package for labs that want to offer a complete range of dental indications, or test potential new business models, without committing to a major up-front investment. Dental labs can purchase CAD Points through 3Shape’s Webshop or through their 3Shape reselling partner.

Moments after, technicians can use their CAD Points to pay on the spot for creating a new design - according to predetermined CAD Point pricing models. CAD Point functionality is integrated in 3Shape’s Dental System™, and users with CAD Points gain access to add-on modules for designing Customized Abutments, Implant Bars & Bridges, or Removable Partial Dentures.

The user can easily keep track of their CAD Points through status overviews, and they receive notifications, when they are close to running out of CAD Points and may wish to tank up. 3Shape CAD Points represents an attractive solution and safe getting-started package for many labs because it is cost–efficient and involves minimal investment risk. It also allows labs to experiment with new business models before investing in advanced indication functionalities.

CAD Points are not tied to a specific 3Shape add-on module and can be used with the various advanced indications that are included in the program. Their value does not expire over time, and users can conveniently purchase their CAD Points if, and when, they need them. Interested labs can contact their 3Shape reseller for more information.

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