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3M True Definition Software 4.2 by 3M ESPE

3M True Definition Software 4.2


3M ESPE continues to advance the overall scanning experience of the 3M True Definition Scanner. The 4.2 software upgrade improves the ease of rotation when scanning over incisal edges and streamlines the installation process for chairside connections.

The 3M True Definition Scanner allows dentists the flexibility to practice the way they want, using the digital workflows that they choose. This one device gives dentists unlimited options, with access to the broadest array of Open and Trusted Connections. The upgrade will be available to all 3M True Definition Scanners and is another example of 3M’s commitment to continuously improve the user experience and offer the greatest value possible with its affordable monthly data plans.

The 3M True Definition Scanner continues to be more accurate—and more consistently accurate with improved user experiences.


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