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FireCR Dental Reader by 3DISC Imaging

FireCR Dental Reader

3DISC Imaging

The FireCR Dental Reader from 3DISC Imaging is an exam-room-based CR system designed specifically for busy dental practices. The reader and companion tablet computer rapidly deliver high-quality digital images at the chairside—eliminating the need to leave the room to scan and review on a central computer. The FireCR Dental Reader is uniquely positioned for chairside use in exam rooms by leveraging the flexibility of the innovative QuantorTab. This 10.1-inch tablet computer can be added to the PC and features easy-to-use touch screen software that provides dentists with immediate access to dental images, allowing chairside diagnosis and interactive review with patients about treatment options. Small, elegant, and simple to operate, the FireCR Dental Reader is ideal for placement in each exam room. The reader is DI- COM 3.0 compatible with existing systems and uses low-cost, reusable bite-wing and intraoral imaging plates. QuantorDent Imaging Software optimizes image acquisition, processing and management. A built-in erase function eliminates the need to purchase an additional device to erase imaging plates prior to reuse, and an integrated UV capability sterilizes imaging plates that may be contaminated during handling, ensuring a hygienic workflow.

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