The 3DBioCAD TRÜMILL X250 PRO features world-class components as an open-architecture, wet/dry, 5-axis mill capable of milling zirconia, glass ceramics, wax, PMMA, and titanium custom abutments. 

The extremely stable design of the mono-block cast body enables precise machining in round blank and block form. The machine‘s small dimensions and 5-axis simultaneous technology offer a unique ratio of machine size and functionality.


• Novel, closed mono-block cast body for stability and precision
• No external PC required (TRÜMILL X250 PRO)
• Half-open blank holder as standard (C-Clamp)
• Ionizer optionally available
• High precision due to integrated temperature compensation
• Wet and dry machining possible (TRÜMILL X250/X250 PRO)
• No external compressed air required
• Short amortization period
• Minimal footprint

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