3D Milling Center


3D Milling Center employs dental technicians that are well versed in fit, shape, color, and design. The company offers isostatically pressed, high-translucence zirconia for as low as $34 per unit and is also a 3Shape dealer. 3D Milling Center utilizes the Roeders RXD5, an industrial CNC milling unit that is extremely heave, and installed on a reinforced concrete floor.

Its large size eliminates micro-movements in the machine, making it more stable, and thereby providing the most accurate milled units available. Its 5 axes provide versatility and allows 3D Milling Center to mill more challenging anatomies.

3D Milling Center’s special TruZir zirconia is the strongest, most translucent zirconia available. Because TruZir is iso-pressed, it is more dense than uniaxilly-pressed zirconia and has no micro-voids in the fits and margins. It is also indicated for long span bridges.

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