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RelyX Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post by 3M ESPE

RelyX Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post


Post and core procedures – or root canals, as they are more commonly known – are very
 complex restorations. That’s why we engineered the 3M Post and Core Solution for synergy and simplicity: these products work together to help you make a long story short. With fewer clinical steps, the 3M Post and Core Solution makes the endodontic restorative procedure simpler for both you and your patient, without sacrificing reliability. So you can get the job done faster. All with just four products.

Based on over 700 post placements, 92% of dentists responded they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall performance of the system. In particular, the new RelyX™ Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post was rated excellent for its easy handling, good esthetics and significantly improved radiopacity. Combined with our clinically proven cement and simple bulk restorative, that translates to a convenient, fast and reliable procedure – time after time.

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