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Tooth Repair the Bioactive Way

Bioactive Restorative Materials in Proactive Dental Care

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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  • Bioactive materials are advancing preventive dentistry and re-establishing functional esthetics
  • Giomer technology can help overcome traditional restorative challenges
  • Giomer-based materials create esthetic results with strong anti-plaque and anti-bacterial attributes

Many modern dental materials are inert, doing nothing to protect the teeth they are theoretically repairing. Bioactive materials—those that interact with or affect biological tissues—such as giomers, are leading a shift from reactive treatment to a preventive and conservative model of care.

Giomers combine the clinical benefits of glass ionomers with the superior physical, mechanical, and esthetic properties inherent to nano-hybrid materials. They are bioactive, introducing cellular changes to elicit apatite formation to improve the resistance of teeth and possess novel physical, mechanical, and optical properties that contribute to improved clinical results and practice profitability.

Learn more about how conditions such as caries, rampant root decay, and cervical erosion can be minimized by the use of various bioactive restorative materials with no loss in esthetic results or long-term functional stability.

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