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Taking Digital Orthodontics to the Next Level

Lisa Alvetro, DDS, MSD

July 28, 2020

Commercial Supporter:


  • By producing in-house clear aligners, practices can offer more options more efficiently, while maintaining complete control of the case.
  • Digital debonding results in a retainer immediately after braces removal, increasing compliance and patient satisfaction.
  • Digital orthodontics allow the clinician to delegate more steps, increasing the motivation and expertise of the dental team and efficiency of the practice.

For a positive impact on your practice, implementing digital orthodontics in-house offers many easily integrated opportunities. With a digital scan, you have many options for its use that will increase your services, patient experience, accuracy, and cost effectiveness.

Patients are excited by this technology; they believe they are receiving better care. Digital presentations facilitate their visualization of their condition, and help in case acceptance.

In this educational eBook, Lisa Alvetro, DDS, MSD, demonstrates real-world applications of digital orthodontics in her practice, including clear aligners, digital debonding, and digital indirect bonding.




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