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Resin-Based Cements: Guidelines for Optimal Adhesion

September 19, 2017

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  • Different materials benefit more from one cement than others.
  • Adhesive resin cements are the best choice for low retention preparations, but they are not a substitute for proper preparation design principles.
  • The self-adhesive nature of certain resin cements makes them uniquely qualified for circumstances where maintaining adequate isolation is different.

In recent years, there have been rapid changes in dental cement technology. Perhaps the most significant gains have been in the resin-based category of cements. With resin-based cements, clinicians have come to expect superior bond strengths along with maximum durability and insolubility in the oral environment .

For this instructive eBook, Joseph Kim, DDS, JD, shares his insights on cement selection and techniques for various clinical situations, including thin anterior zirconia, metal-based and zirconia, inlays and onlays, and feldspathic and lithium disilicate, along with tips on how to deal with complications.


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