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Prevention Can’t Wait: Set Your Patients and Practice Up for Success Now

October 13, 2020

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  • A recent large caries risk study found that a majority of patients within a practice (58.3%) have an elevated risk for caries.
  • Studies indicate that the average office is not writing prescriptions or dispensing products anywhere near the elevated risk level for their patient population.
  • Once your patient leaves your practice with a prescription, you have no way of knowing if the prescription was filled (it is estimated that 50%-80% of these prescriptions are never filled).

It makes no financial sense to send your patients to a pharmacy for 5000 ppm F toothpaste, when you can provide them preferred products for at-home use, at a lower or comparable cost.

Recent research explored the availability of 1.1% sodium fluoride (5000 ppm F) prescription toothpastes at a large range of pharmacies across the United States. The survey reports that in urban and suburban markets, pharmacy stocking options make the process a gamble as to which brand the patient will be offered - and at what price, tube size, flavor, and abrasive level. Often, you won’t know which brand your patients will end up with, so it is nearly impossible to instruct patients about best use, or to warn them about potential drawbacks of certain products.

Learn how sending your patients home with the right clinical preventive aid in hand benefits both them and your practice.



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