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Next-Level Clinical Precision With Advanced Imaging

May 24, 2021

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  • To ensure effective integration of technology, clinicians should begin with an inventory of their practice and patient demographic to determine their most common procedures.
  • 3D imaging is becoming more essential to the general dental practice, as it facilitates expansion into new, specialized, or advanced treatment areas.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now making this process even easier for today’s dental professionals.

While dental technology is expanding rapidly in all directions, digital radiography is at its core, providing multiple capabilities to treat patients more effectively. Digital radiography is no longer the future of dental care, but an expected standard and a requirement to meet new regulations. Its integration into each practice, however, is a continual process, requiring consideration of the full technology plan, patient base, and dental team to maximize the value of this investment.

This eBook focuses on important advancements in various dental technologies, and how they will impact the practice and patient care.


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