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New Hands-Free Dental Suction: Advantages to Patients and Practice

February 20, 2018

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  • Dental treatment tolerance varies greatly from patient to patient.
  • The role of the hygienist has changed, involving more responsibilities and requiring more efficient and effective systems.
  • Incorporating patient-pleasing systems that save time and money helps the dental practice attain higher production.

When it comes to dental appointments, comfort counts. Discomfort not only affects patient satisfaction and willingness to recall appointments, but can also cause the procedure to take longer than expected, disrupting practice workflow.

One solution to these challenges is the design of the suction equipment. With significant suction, isolation, tongue and cheek retraction, and bite block, the patient is comfortable and in control. In addition, the clinician and the dental team are freed to increase their attention to other important aspects of the treatment.

During a procedure, there are many things that simultaneously need to be maintained in order to provide a positive dental experience. Find out how Incorporating new technologies or patient-pleasing protocols/products can ultimately improve your bottom line.

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