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Make Every Restoration Bioactive: Now You Can

April 29, 2019

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  • Dentists no longer need to avoid glass ionomers because of capsule delivery, as the new versions are now available in an automix delivery.
  • Both self-cure and light-cure glass ionomers have been proven to recharge with fluoride.
  • A high-quality glass ionomer system makes placing bioactive restorations faster, easier, and more satisfactory for patients.

Glass ionomers have a long history of restorative success, but inefficient capsule delivery lessened their use.

New glass ionomers offer many conclusive advantages, including hassle-free delivery with an ergonomic dispenser (automixing); bioactive material with high fluoride release; and high bond strength, even in presence of saliva. In addition, they demonstrate excellent esthetics and polishability, with virtually no postoperative sensitivity.

Learn more about how a resin-reinforced, light-cured glass ionomer restorative can meet the full range of performance and efficiency requirements for exemplary patient care. 


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