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In the Zone: How to Streamline Your Workflow with the Latest Digital Technology

April 29, 2015

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  • An efficient workflow includes automated procedures, integrated technology, intuitive interface, and streamlined information management and access
  • Using advanced imaging presentation ensures that patients see what you see and increases their confidence
  • 3D technology offers the ability to expand your practice, increase performance, and enhance patient relationships
  • Implantology can be quick, precise, and possible in a single visit

The flow of patients through your office is an important component of your practice performance. Inefficient workflow can be a silent, constant drain on your time and profitability, leading to practitioner and team stress, and patient frustration. On the other hand, a smooth-running office functions as part of the team, enhancing your daily activities in ways you may not have anticipated.

You can begin today to design a more functional environment. First, look at ways you can minimize interruptions and eliminate the steps that don’t contribute value to patient treatment. Begin by reviewing your digital tools. How does your current system help—or hinder—the confident rhythm of your practice? When you can present treatment cases seamlessly, minimize your imaging retakes, and otherwise manage your flow, you inspire patient confidence, increase treatment acceptance, and gain enthusiastic referrals.

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