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Impression Precision Starts with Tissue Management

Friday, April 21, 2017

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  • Cordless retraction with digital impressioning helps achieve crisp margins without soft tissue obscuring the view of the margin.
  • Paste materials respect the biological width, which can be damaged when packing cord.
  • Using paste with a retraction cap significantly reduces the chance of causing trauma to the tissue.
  • Aluminum chloride creates an astringent effect without irritating, staining, or discoloring tooth structure and surrounding tissue.

The precision of your impressions forms the critical foundation for subsequent procedures. This is also the case of digital impressions, where preparation and technique can affect capturing the margins.

The inability to achieve a dry, well-retracted field can result in the eventual failure of a restoration and contribute to a periodontal condition for the patient. Therefore, it is critically important for a clinician to have confidence that a material can provide this foundation consistently.

Paste materials are much less likely to stimulate bleeding in the gingival sulcus during placement or immediately after removal when compared to retraction cord. Cordless retraction is especially useful with digital impressioning to achieve crisp margins without soft tissue obscuring the view of the margin.

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