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How to Build a State of the Art Steri-Center

January 25, 2021

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  • Sterilization is the most labor-intensive procedure in a dental office.
  • A well-designed steri-center allows for better allocation of time and resources, increasing productivity.
  • With more advanced equipment, faster turnaround on instruments with less labor is easily accomplished and completely safe.

Post-pandemic, your patients have become acutely aware of microbes, as infection control has dominated the news for a long time. This new awareness is an opportunity for the safest dental practices to promote what previously was an essential but unseen aspect of your practice.

Sterilization is one of those behind-the-scenes cost-benefit decisions. If not optimized, sterilization procedures can undermine practice efficiency (and worse, result in expensive liability issues for a practice). A well-planned center will help you achieve both safety and high efficiency.

This eBook details 5 tips to help practitioners analyze their needs, review their options, and make these critical decisions.

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