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Beyond Injection: Technology for Better Local Anesthesia

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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  • Because anesthetic is acidic, when a full cartridge is injected in 20 seconds, it creates a stringing sensation.
  • A slower injection allows the patient’s body to adjust the pH of the anesthetic to be more neutral, alleviating the sting.
  • A study conducted on dentists demonstrated a marked reduction in pain perception for injections using a computer-controlled local anesthesthia delivery (CCLAD) system.

Pain and anxiety from anesthetic injections is not inevitable. Nor is it an inconsequential issue for your patients. Anxiety due to previous pain experience can increase current pain perception and amplify the memory. Treating anxious patients is stressful for the dental team, requiring more appointment time and resources, and does not facilitate a productive or clinically successful relationship.

A more comfortable injection significantly improves patients’ satisfaction with their experience. Patients will remember comfortable anesthesia more than other aspects of the appointment, and are more likely to refer others to the dental practice for that reason alone.

Learn how an easily integrated computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system can alleviate patient anxiety with a high-tech, non-threatening design and increase confidence for practitioners with reproducibility of injections.

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